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India is a fairy-tale world of ancient traditions and unity of opposites.

In our blog, we publish articles about India. These articles help to get acquainted with this ancient country, learn its traditions and culture. Blog is useful for tourists - for:

  1. The choice of tours and tours.
  2. Resolving visa issues for a trip to India.
  3. Dating with places of interest and places to visit.
  4. Preliminary acquaintance with Indian cuisine, traditions and culture.
In addition, articles of our Blog will be of interest to all people interested in history, culture, travel and distant countries.

Indian food is exciting.

What are the first associations about India? Yoga, tea, elephants, Taj Mahal and of course Kamasutra.

Since ancient times in India, respect for the art of love. This was reflected in the statues, paintings, books. In addition to deep philosophical meaning, various methods were developed and passed on to descendants, which make it possible to extract maximum pleasure for partners.

These methods include not only Kamasutra, but also Indian cuisine itself.

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Meet - Indian cuisine

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